Noni is now used by millions of people worldwide for all types of health problems and even by athletes to help improve their performance.  It is not just for sick people, but for anyone who wants to feel and perform better in life. It is something that apparently even slows down the aging process.  Veterinarians give noni juice to animals with great results!  There are certain nutrients that the body needs and they are just not found in our modern food, but they are abundant in noni.  That is why a little bit of noni juice makes such a big difference for your wellness.

Raw Noni fruit and a bottle of MORINDA Tahitian Noni Juice

Noni juice has been available in south Asia and Polynesia for thousands of years, but it was unknown in the west until the 1990s when some food scientists “discovered” it.  They helped start a company called MORINDA and now Noni Juice is available almost everywhere.  This web page is about the benefits of Tahitian Noni Juice.  

There are 100s of heath product available today, and it is very hard to know which ones are worthwhile. I would like to suggest that Noni is one of the best.  Order Here

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Tahitian NoniŽ dominates the Noni market and it has been featured in News & Media in 2010 on Oprah, Martha Stewart, NBC, ESPN, FOX, Good Morning America and Today Show.

Tahitian Noni Juice is Included in the 2003 Edition of the Physicians Desk Reference

According to the doctor's Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR), Tahitian Noni Juice is not only antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-tumor and anti-helmin (anti-parasite), but it is also analgesic (reduces pain), hypotensive (reduces high blood pressure), anti-inflammatory, has immune enhancing effects and has no observed adverse effects (no side effects).


  The health benefits of the noni plant are used in a large range of MORINDA wellness products.

What is so good about Tahitian Noni Juice?

The science behind Noni Juice

In 1996 Noni Juice become very popular in the west when an effective process for bottling was developed by a new company called Morinda.   The food scientists at Morinda discovered the noni fruit in Tahiti was the most potent and they spent a few years developing new methods of harvesting, processing and bottling noni. It is now available in a very potent form, all around the world thanks to the advanced technology Morinda has developed.  After years of research by these dedicated food scientists; Tahitian Noni Juice is now available in bottles that contain all the goodness of the fresh fruit. 
Noni is much more than a fruit: it’s a miracle of nature. Noni has blessed the lives of millions around the world, and it will continue to do so for generations to come. Why? Because noni is a superfruit backed by real science. There are more than 90 peer-reviewed, published scientific research studies about noni, Tahitian NoniŽ Juice and TrūAgeŽ Max.

Noni Juice is very helpful for good health.  Noni has been the main ingredient in the medicine chest of most tropical cultures for thousands of years and is still considered a “sacred medicine.”  It is a proven, powerful, natural super fruit that can help with all sorts of health and wellness issues.  Now nearly a 100 scientific studies confirm what the ancients discovered about noni so long ago.
Each study shows a specific benefit of noni. Click Here these links for a list of a few.

Information about the scientific research

Now it its available to buy online. 
Try it!
100%   90 day money back guarantee. 
I am sure you will love it as much as the millions of people who already use it everyday. 

I supply Noni Juice around the world via a company called Morinda.  This site explains how to get noni juice in Melbourne, Australia or anywhere in the world.  If you are in Melbourne I may have some on hand for you to pick up if you need it quickly.  Normally everyone just orders it from the office in Brisbane.  Click here to order online.

“Out of all the food supplements I have studied and written about, Noni Juice has piqued my interest the most. I plan to continue studying it and writing about it because I believe that it can help so many people in so many ways.”  
~ Dr. Neil Solomon, M.D., Ph.D.

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Wellness is more then not being sick.

Staying healthy is a good investment.

Information about the business opportunity

Morinda Head Office  USA
Tahitian Noni - Origins and Destiny

I have been using noni since 1996.  There are many reasons why Morinda Tahitian Noni Juice is the best.  I won’t go into all the research involved that proves Tahitian Noni Juice is superior, lets just say for now that Morinda has a special process that allows them to bottle noni and maintain the highest concentration of active ingredient. They have mastered the art of growing noni and have the most sophisticated plantation and processing technology.  I have had many clients over the years who have tried several other brands of noni juice and always come back to Morinda.  Morinda has been a world leader in noni research and they recently discovered how noni helps slow down the aging process.

This website is a short introduction to Noni Juice Melbourne.
Much more information can be found on the Morinda site. 
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Benefits of Noni Juice

It would take 100s of books to describe the all of the Noni Juice benefits.  For thousands of years people across India and Polynesia used noni juice as their main remedy.  In the early 90s some American food scientist heard about the benefits of Noni from some friends and they flew to Tahitian to find our more about the legendary plant.  What they discovered was better then anything they had imagined.  Here was a plant that seemed to help with every system in the body.  It worked on people and animals and even helped other plants to recover from stress.


These scientist spent several years studying the noni juice benefits, the active ingredient in noni and then took 2 years to developed an effective way to bottle it.  This was not easy but once they developed this technology they had something very valuable.  They started a direct marketing company in 1996 and with in 5 years had a billion dollar company! 

Why were they able to sell so much noni?  Because of the remarkable benefits noni juice offers.

The follow is an a short description of the history and research of noni.  The fruit of the noni plant (Morinda citrifolia) has been used for hundreds of years by the peoples of India to Polynesia.    This “miracle” fruit has now emerged onto the Western medical scene, because of its powerful therapeutic capabilities for disorders of every description.   Noni can promote overall health and longevity.  There are 1000s of success stories from all over the world and 1000s of scientific studies that prove conclusively that noni remarkable beneficial.

Research studies prove that noni strengthens the immune system, it helps to regulate cell regeneration and function.  Damaged cells for example will recover faster if noni is present in the body.  Noni seems to work at a cellular level and that may explain why it has such a broad effect on the whole body.
One reason that noni may have such a profound effect is there are important nutrients in noni that used to be in our food supply but with the advent of mass production these nutrients are not longer available.  Our bodies do not need much of these missing nutrients but when the body lacks them them all sorts of problems develop.  By drinking even a small amount of noni each day these critical nutrients are available and the body's ability to function properly increases dramatically.

I wont list all of the various systems in the body that benefit from noni and I wont list all of the illness that noni seems to help, but if you check this out on the internet you will see that both list are very very long indeed.

The best way to discover if noni works is to try some.  Every one has slightly different needs and so to find out if noni will help you, just try it.

The company has a 90 day money back guarantee so if you don’t find any benefit you can get a full refund.  But if you are like millions of others in the world you will quickly fall in love with noni.

How to order noni juice from anywhere in the world!

I am an Independent Product Consultant (IPC) for a company called Morinda.  I live in Melbourne, Australia, but Morinda is an international company with offices in over 60 countries. So you can order online from almost any country in the world. No matter where you are in the world just go to the Morinda website and order.  It is usually delivered to your door in 2-4 days.

At the top of the Morinda order page there is a button called CHANGE COUNTRY.  You can pick whatever country you are in.  The office contact details are available for every country if you want to call. The consultants at the office are very helpful.  You will need to give them
my ID which is 2879.

I suggest you order 2 or more bottles if you are just trying out the juice.  The full effects are sometimes not noticed on the “first day,” so it is a good idea to decide after 2 or more bottles.  The noni from Tahiti has been proven many times to be the best.

Noni Juice   Order noni from anywhere in the world.

 3 ways  to order Noni Juice In Australia.
1) Order online by Clicking Here or
2) Call the Australian Office and order over the phone (Give them my ID which is 2979)
Morinda office in Brisbane
8:30 AM – 4 PM M-F
8:30 AM – 11 AM Saturday
1 800 008 791  or  (07) 3390 9100 Brisbane office direct
Give them my ID (2879) and they will take your order over the phone and give you any advice you need.
3) Call me in Melbourne Australia on 0438 029 757

3 ways to order Noni Juice if you are Outside Australia
1) Order online  Click on the CHANGE COUNTRY button and order.
2) Call the office in your country. Click Here  Click on the CHANGE COUNTRY button and find the office in your country.  The phone number will be listed for your country.  Be sure to have my ID on hand as they will ask for it.  (There are some very knowledgeable consultants to help you.)
3) Call me and I can help you order.

There are a few things you need to know:
A) There is a money back guarantee so there is no risk.
B) You have the option to sign up as an Independent Product Consultant (IPC) for $35 buy at wholesale and create a source of income working in your own home business.  Click Here
C) If you call the office, you will need to know my
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If you are confused after reading all this….. I understand.
Feel free to call the office in Brisbane or
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If you are in the USA call
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Sandy Abbott
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Wellness is more then not being sick.

Staying healthy is a good investment.

Home Business

Information about the business opportunity

Let me ask you a question,  which of these is most important to you?
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If any of the above are important to you, then this might be something you would be interested in.  Noni juice, and the other products provided by Morinda are in many cases, life-changing.   It does not matter if someone is sick or healthy, noni will improve their health and wellness.  So by becoming an Independent Product Consultant you can have the satisfaction of really helping others.  As far as a business goes, being an Independent Product Consultant for Morinda gives you the chance to make as much money as you want. There are no limits. All you need is a desire to help and some motivation to change.  All the new skills you will need to be successful are provided in the training you will get as an Independent Product Consultant.

Freedom comes to those who create it.
Something like 80% of the population feel they are not making enough money.  Even if you have a “good job” you may feel like you don’t have enough money.  That is because there is a limit to how much a person can make in a job.  The people who make “a lot” of money are the people who run their own business.  Also people who run their own business also have more free time.  If you are in the 80% who don’t have enough money, or free time,  this program could be the way for you to create a home business and be one of the few people in the world who do have enough time and money.

In addition, it is a very satisfying thing to do because you can make a significant contribution to peoples lives by introducing them to the benefits of noni juice.  It is also a way to meet people and make life long friends.  You can start a home business and make more than your boss.

Morinda Headquarters and Research Labs
In 1996 when the founders of Morinda discovered Tahitian Noni for the west, they introduced this new product to a culture that already had 1,000s of products being advertised 24 hours a day. They felt personally responsible for getting the good news of noni out to the world in the most effective way possible, so the decided to market noni using Network Marketing.  The advantage of this  marketing is that it is a one-on-one educational process.  “Word-of-mouth” has always been the most believable method of marketing and they started a new network marketing company.   They started from scratch and five years later they had done over $1 billion dollars in sales and many of the new distributors had become millionaires.
What the founders had done was to successfully create a distribution system for noni juice and in the process had created a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wanted to help others with their health and financial freedom.

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The opportunity is available to you today.  The products are all based on the noni plant and a decade of research has produced some stunning new products.  There are weight loss and skin care products that are extremely popular and have an army of very loyal customers.

You can take advantage of this opportunity and be one of the people who take on the responsibility of getting noni know to the world.  It is a rewarding career and can be extremely profitable because you can build a customer base of 1000s of loyal customers.

There are 100s of ways to make a business work without ever leaving home.  The internet and social media has created 1000s of home based business millionaires.  I don’t know if you want to become a millionaire or just make a $100 per month extra income but either way there is a way to do it using this company and its life changing products.  If you are interested in how to be successful, contact me or the company has excellent training on social media.  After you sign up you can access it for free.  Some Independent Consultants have created a huge booming business just using the friends and families as contacts.
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It is not easy, but it is simple.  You will need to learn some important new skills but it is very do-able.  If you continue to do what you are doing, you will get the same results.  If you learn new skills in an industry where people just like you have become very wealthy, then things could change.

Call me or the office for more information.
Morinda is in over 60 countries so there is no limit to how far you can take this.

Noni Melbourne business
The sooner you get started to sooner you can take it easy.

Information about the business opportunity


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Melbourne Australia 
0438 029 757
Clearwater Florida USA    May-June 2018   (727) 657 05651
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To sign up as a distributor follow the directions for becoming an Independent Product Consultant (IPC).  Click Here.


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