The MORINDA Business Oportunity
   A Better Way.

This is a short video that is a good introduction to the business opportunity.

First if you have not already read this, you have to understand the benefits of a business as compared to a Job.  Click Here

Morinda’s business opportunity offers a simple way to get to start of with a $500-$5,000 dollars per month income just from the part-time involvement business. And you can start for less the $200 and work part time from home.

The good news is, TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is good for you and when you share the news, the company gives you THANK YOU cheques for your referrals.

Morinda can be the ladder that may allow people to climb out of their financial problems. And by helping others you will also be greatly benefited. You can help many people with knowledge and assurance that you are offering them something real and beneficial, scientifically established with proven products  This is a company you can be proud of!

To achieve network marketing success you need to build the trust and confidence of others. The easiest way to accomplish that is to have a genuine desire to be helpful and use your enthusiasm. It all starts with a personal product experience and telling your story (step 1), then becoming educated about how the products work so that you can effectively convey this information to new customers (step 2), and live true to the Morinda mission of helping everyone, everywhere, every day with Noni   (step 3).

If you are an inspired entrepreneurial go-getter who enjoys talking to people and helping them in health matters, Morinda is perfect for you and can help you reach the next level with plenty of support and minimum administration. It has produced over 200 Millionaires in total and at least 21 Millionaires since 2009. That averages out to one millionaire every month! 

Don’t miss being a part of this powerful business. If not now then when??? If not this then what??? It is relatively easy to get to the point where you can support your monthly bills just from the part-time involvement in the business.    Then if you work harder, within a few months you can go for gold – a dream lifestyle.

The Morinda company has earned many awards and recognition across the globe for its high business integrity and standards. It has five founders and two of them are food scientists. They developed a formula and a flavouring process to get the fruit from the tree to the bottle without loosing any of its beneficial properties. Noni has been used as a traditional folk medicinal plant for over 2,000 years in French Polynesia.

The Tahitian Noni® Juice is :
  • Documented in 14 Human Clinical Studies, each costing the company $1 Million Dollars to publish, and the company spent over $200 Million in research.
  • The Noni juice is listed in the Physician Desk Reference handbook (PDR’03), volumes of Medical Journals, and features USA FDA compliant health statements.
  • Finally, it won an award from the United Nations and
  • has been featured in 1000’s of magazine and newspaper articles.

In 2010 the company has offered $250,000 cash to any company or anyone who can prove they have found a health product more powerful.

Currently the company is in its second wave of growth and registered a 32% increase in business.  More than 100 Million 1L bottles of Tahitian Noni® Original have been sold with 20 bottles sold every minute, Morinda operates in 75 countries and holds 52 global patents on products, development and processing, and there are fewer than 10 companies in modern history who can claim to rival Morinda’s hypergrowth.

Morinda Sales since inception 1996 are passing $4.5 Billion, out of which $2.2 Billion was paid out in commissions to IPC’s. Over 200 millionaires attribute their success completely to Morinda, and there are over 4000 individuals who were sent on all-expense-paid trips to Tahiti.

Morinda is the fastest growing company starting in the last 20 years (*Griffin Hill Consulting).  Is financially rock-solid.  Is led by a team of highly educated, extremely experienced, and value based professionals.  Has a seamless marketing plan that crosses borders around the world

The company proudly stands behind its products with a 100% 90-day money back guarantee. Its reason for being is simple: The company exists to make people healthy and happier.

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To sign up as a distributor follow the directions for becoming an Independent Product Consultant (IPC).  Click Here.

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